Human Resources

Having adopted a simple and modern management style, our company selects human resources, which have the capability of achieving our target and undertaking the changes, on the basis of completely objective evaluation criteria. Training and improvement of human resources and each employee is adopted as a basic management responsibility in our company. Equal opportunity and fairness are our main principles in the evaluation of our employees’ performance plans and promotions.

Our company takes the measures specified in the applicable bylaws and regulations concerning environment and occupational and workplace safety in all workplaces and raises employees’ awareness of environmental and occupational safety.

Thanks to the transparent and plain organizational structure of our company, all employees easily convey their questions, requests and suggestions to the top executives. In this regard, magnetic medium and printed materials (communication boards) are used and information flow and currency are provided on matters such as management decisions and intracompany activities.

National and international legislations and technical and administrative developments in the sector are followed up and these are evaluated and updated in scope of OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system and TS EN ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, TS ISO 9001, TS ISO ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 50001 quality management system. Our employees and subcontractors are informed of all developments by means of training and awareness-raising schedules and employee participation is provided.